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Our mission is to make information more accessible, understandable and valuable. This can be achieved by making information vivid*.

*(From Latin vividus ("animated, spirited"), from vivere ("to live"), akin to vita ("life"), Ancient Greek (bios, "life")

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This is what we do

Enhancing information

Sometimes the information (aka data) can be visualized right away. More commonly though, the data needs tweaking, organizing, labeling, measuring etc.

Analysing information

In order to understand information, you sometimes need to see it. With our visualization techniques and services we can help you to find patterns in your data.

Visualising information

We make interactive and responsive datavisualizations using the most modern visualizing techniques and tools which include for example d3.js, highcharts and cartodb.

Here are some visualizations we have made recently.

You can click the examples for live presentations.

Finnish youth statistics

Finnish youth statistics visualizes how youthwork has been made around Finland and what its effects are.

Finnish library statistics

Explore Finnish library statistics using map-, line- and barcharts. Application is fully responsive and has variety of export-methods for excel-sheets and graphs.

EU-projects in North Karelia

This datavisualization tells how EU-funding was distributed in North Karelia during 2007-2013. Visualisation was made using d3.js and highcharts.js.

Southern Savonia EU-projects

This bubblevisualization tells how EU-funding was distributed in Southern Savonia during 2007-2013. Visualisation was made using d3.js

City of Joensuu purchases

How Joensuu´s private sector purchases spread between different sectors in 2014? "Bursting" bubbles allow you to even check every receipt.

Mustikka Go

Web app that helps you find the best locations to pick bilberries. Analysis based on spatial analysis of satellite imagery and social media. In co-operation with Intraktio Oy.

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Vividin on yksi Suomen ainoita räätälöityihin visualisointipalveluihin erikoistuneita yrityksiä.
Olemme parhaimmillamme, kun pääsemme luomaan asiakkaan toiveiden pohjalta interaktiivisia selainpohjaisia datavisualisointeja.
Tämän lisäksi autamme myös mielellämme tiedon analysoinnissa ja järjestämme tiedon visualisointiin liittyviä koulutuksia
Ota rohkeasti yhteyttä, niin jutellaan enemmän.